About Us



Our story.

Realington is a boutique real estate development company focused on building exceptional homes in Washington DC and the surrounding metropolitan area. We are lucky to work in one of the most vibrant and exciting areas, giving us ample opportunities to grow with and improve the community around us. Our team has extensive experience with property development, management and investment. We partner with some of the most reputable vendors and contractors in the region to achieve our ever-growing goals.


Our Strengths


Track Record

With hundreds of happy clients and investors, we focus on exceeding expectations with each completed property.


Design and Construction

We believe in building high quality, custom designed properties that will improve the landscape of our city for years to come.



Our team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise that allows us to continuously deliver quality with each finished project.



We understand that what is true today may not be tomorrow. We will always adapt to stay ahead of the market.

Management Team


Blaze Dimov


Bojan Peovski